Clean Slate

New year, new blog…er…sort of.  I decided to delete all previous posts.  Sorry Squier, I know you have been reading and re-reading all of them.

Not real sure on what the new year will bring.  Busy as hell, but not busy at all.  I always feel I have lots to do but that just leaves me with that empty feeling of not doing any of it.  Upon the prompting of a fellow blogger (Prone to Wander) unknowingly to him, I have decided to schedule my daily life.  Minute by minute, hour to hour.  Well, maybe not that precise but a daily schedule just the same.

Here is the list of things I know at this very moment will affect my schedule.

  • Kids – Mason is a 20month old tasmanian devil and Addie doesn’t stop talking…ever!  Not even if you ask, she once told me: “I can’t stop talking daddy…I can’t!”
  • Grad school apathy.  Hoops, lots of hoops and I am tired of jumping.
  • I love bacon.  I think I could survive solely on bacon, chili and Grain Belt beer.
  • Work Work Work.  There is a certain degree of apathy here too which is why I am constantly perusing the job sites online.
  • Track season.  It’s an obsession, I love spring and I love track.  It’s almost as if the whole reason I survive the first half of the school year is to get to track season.
  • The wife and our helter skelter social life.  There is no moss on THIS social agenda.
  • Hobbies.  Oh wait, they should be worked into the schedule.  I have too many of them, and too many ideas.
  • The wife and our desire to find another home.  Not that we don’t have a good one, we just need some more room, and we want to get away from the chicken factory and across the RR tracks.
  • Fat.  I’m fat, well not real visibly but definitely according to the scale.  If one could actually go by ones BMI I am a few points away from being OBESE.  I’m a lard ass. This too should be worked into the schedule (and will be), not the fat part, the getting un-fat part.
  • Going to tackle a few 5K’s this summer, best be gettin’ in shape.

This list in addition to the hundred bazillion other things I think of to keep me from doing anything worthwhile will continue to drive me bonkers each and every day.  Stay tuned to find out how it all works out…

One Response to “Clean Slate”
  1. Dykstra says:

    Glad to see you back into the blogging mode. There are some days when writing feels like one more thing on the to-do list, but more often it’s one of the few things keeping me sane.

    Bottom line: I’m glad there’s a conversation going on, and I’m glad I’m in it with you. We’ll solve the world’s problems one of these days (or at least drink some of the fruits of the earth together). Let the commentary roll. . .

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